Case Studies

Segmentation Is King

Challenge: Gap in the segmentation process of small business customers led to missed revenue and inadequate servicing of the customer. Solution: Formed and led a cross-disciplinary team of marketing, sales, customer care, and IT personnel to build, test, and launch CRM tool. Result: Added an additional $2.16M revenue and 24K additional net subscribers over a […]

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Insights Strengthen Connections

Challenge: Lack of process to share real-time customer insights across the organization led to a fragmented and outdated view of the customer. Solution: Assisted with a project to excavate and share customer insights with other business units enabling a holistic and organized view of the customer. Result: Higher customer engagement and front-line reps’ satisfaction due

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Customization Wins

Challenge: Patients weren’t booking follow up appointments after second and third visit eventually leading to zero engagement. Solution: Designed a customized email campaign, based on individual diagnosis, which included at-home care tips and exercise videos. Result: Achieved a ground-breaking 60% average open rate, 12% click rate and almost 50% of patients booking follow up appointment.

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High-Value – High-Touch

Challenge: High-value accounts sales and loyalty scores continued to plummet for three quarters in a row. Solution: Developed an innovative program where the top 200 high‐value accounts were clustered and profiled based on industry and transactional data. Result: Targeted offer based on usage and needs resulted in $8M in additional sales over 12 months.

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Proactive Retention

Challenge: When customers’ contracts expired, churn increased. Reactionary campaigns to save them at the last minute proved futile. Solution: Designed and launched intricate contract renewal strategy and Direct Mail campaign with various matrices for multiple segments. Result: Drove one of the highest response rates of 31.5% and sales rate of 22%, resulting in incremental savings

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