As a C-level executive, your time and attention are of capital value.

I help you invest your invaluable resources wisely.

You want to make things better.

Your zest for action can take many forms – building high-performing teams, forging a culture that permeates trust, respect and kindness, launching programs that surpass expectations or inspiring loyalty in your people and customers.

Whatever the legacy is that you want to bring to life, it is bigger than you.

This is a journey that is meaningless and impossible if made alone and without planning.

As you lead your team to fulfill your vision, you need to know:

  • Are you and your team building and walking the same path?
  • How do you and your team stay motivated, invested, and focused?
  • How quickly and continuously are you reassessing programs based on results?
  • Are you anticipating and removing the right roadblocks?
  • How do you track what’s keeping you on the path, taking you off, making you faster or slower?
  • What markers tell you to pivot and change direction?

Without the right people, insight, and skills, status quo triumphs over strategy.

As an award-winning marketer and project leader with stellar communication, organization, and implementation skills...

I help you get results that make you extraordinary.

Case Studies

Proactive Retention

Challenge: When customers’ contracts expired, churn increased. Reactionary campaigns to save them at the last minute proved futile.

Solution: Designed and launched intricate contract renewal strategy and Direct Mail campaign with various matrices for multiple segments.

Result: Drove one of the highest response rates of 31.5% and sales rate of 22%, resulting in incremental savings from reduced attrition of $6.7M

High-Value – High-Touch

Challenge: High-value accounts sales and loyalty scores continued to plummet for three quarters in a row.

Solution: Developed an innovative program where the top 200 high‐value accounts were clustered and profiled based on industry and transactional data.

Result: Targeted offer based on usage and needs resulted in $8M in additional sales over 12 months.

Customization Wins

Challenge: Patients weren’t booking follow up appointments after second and third visit eventually leading to zero engagement.

Solution: Designed a customized email campaign, based on individual diagnosis, which included at-home care tips and exercise videos.

Result: Achieved a ground-breaking 60% average open rate, 12% click rate and almost 50% of patients booking follow up appointment.

Insights Strengthen Connections

Challenge: Lack of process to share real-time customer insights across the organization led to a fragmented and outdated view of the customer.

Solution: Assisted with a project to excavate and share customer insights with other business units enabling a holistic and organized view of the customer.

Result: Higher customer engagement and front-line reps’ satisfaction due to relevant, integrated, and timely customer insights.

Segmentation Is King

Challenge: Gap in the segmentation process of small business customers led to missed revenue and inadequate servicing of the customer.

Solution: Formed and led a cross-disciplinary team of marketing, sales, customer care, and IT personnel to build, test, and launch CRM tool.

Result: Added an additional $2.16M revenue and 24K additional net subscribers over a 3 year period.

At the root of successful outcomes is the seed of behavior change.

For tomorrow to be different, we need to transform old beliefs, routines and systems that shaped today.

If you want support to:

Transform chaos into simplicity and meaning

Design purposeful systems and programs

Increase focus, purpose and productivity 

Some of the clients I’ve worked with:

Using my 6-Part Framework that integrates my 20 years+ experience and skills, I help you:

Whether you need help with one, a few, or all the six pillars, I support you in the way you need to get the right things done with the right effort.

Below are only a few ways each pillar can support your success.



  • Communicate the heart behind your business goals so your teams are as invested and impassioned as you.
  • Uncover the surprising beliefs and routines that suck up time and attention and those that stimulate right behaviors.
  • Clarify roles, responsibilities, tools and training needed upfront so your team feels supported, safe and focused.



  • Create structures that decrease cognitive load so productive tasks are easy to do.
  • Remove and replace the roadblocks with triggers that activate, automate and track the right actions.
  • Put support systems in place that quickly report and resolve the issues that stall forward momentum.



  • Identify and remove blocks in your culture that decrease engagement and personal responsibility.
  • Increase intrinsic accountability by implementing systems that replace compliance with self-direction and motivation.
  • Create tools that track outcomes to prevent long gaps between productivity.



  • Clarify and communicate KPIs so your teams are advancing in the same direction and feel secure in your clear expectations.
  • Track and integrate best practices, successes and learnings across teams and programs.
  • Adjust your plans when required so you remain responsive to changing conditions.



  • Recognize and reward the right behaviors so you cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit at every level.
  • Create and implement appreciation triggers to celebrate initiative so you strengthen the culture of industriousness.
  • Foster a culture of self-empowerment and ownership so your teams feel intrinsically rewarded for their efforts.



  • Communicate your goals clearly so your teams can readjust misalignment.
  • Implement convenient and simple feedback loops so every employee knows when they’re off track and can make improvements.
  • Increase timely and concise communications across teams so they remain responsive to strategy or market shifts.


I had the great pleasure of working with Simrit Gill for several years. Throughout this time, she provided me with a tremendous amount of support and became a trusted and reliable advisor. Simrit has tremendous knowledge, experience, and intelligence that allows her to gain insights that others don’t. She is a strategic thinker with a very scientific approach. Simrit managed many projects across our cross-functional teams and worked directly with me to develop and execute our marketing strategy.

Working with Simrit allowed me to step away from certain projects, knowing that they would be impeccably managed. She has an innate ability to see order through chaos, and her attention to detail is unmatched. She has a wonderful way of persistently pushing things along, challenging me and others to stay on task and on schedule. She is a proven change-agent, and any business or person that she has come across is better for it!

Jordan Bloomberg
President, Streamline Art

I worked with Simrit for more than three years in different capacities. She helped us grow our monthly billings, improve our payment and reporting processes, increase team and client engagement, and launch one of the most targeted and successful marketing campaigns where clients received customized solutions based on individual needs. She helped us increase loyalty scores and billings year over year. And we had a ton of fun along the way!

Dr. Mike Prebeg
Owner, Sports Therapy Services

Simrit is never afraid to dive into a new challenge, full on. She is great at identifying and developing opportunities and delivering the related business results. Lots of enthusiasm for the customer, and a champion for her team, Simrit would be a great asset to have on any marketing team.

Wade Cameron
Managing Director – Triskelion Business Services

Simrit is an invaluable marketer and project leader. She is adept at remaining focused on delivering exceptionally executed multi-faceted programs in support of the needs of the business. Her passion for the customer and her strategic mindset drives her to look for the intersection between customer needs and business objectives and develop and launch programs that result in success across the board. She has tremendous learning agility and is always up for a challenge. In fact, she thrives on them. If you’re looking for an impassioned, strategic thinker with great leadership skills, call her!

Liane Brodie
Senior Marketing Consultant

Simrit will never shy away from a challenge no matter how large or complicated. She is excellent at identifying strategic opportunities and challenges and translating them into insightful and workable plans before rolling up her sleeves to get the job done. She is professional, reliable and results oriented, and I would work with her again in a second given the opportunity.

Steve Nikifork
Senior, Results Oriented Marketer – CRM, Strategy & Analytics

Simrit is highly skilled in helping business leaders and teams get clear and focused on what is important and why. She can then move from strategy to implementation without skipping a beat. If you want someone who can keep you focused on the big prize, ruthlessly remove distractions, leverage strengths to remove roadblocks, design and implement well-crafted marketing strategies and programs, get her on your team.

Steve Topper
Senior Director, Marriott International


My bespoke services are more like couture than “off the rack”. But below are some guidelines on how we can work together.

Hourly Basis

$ 185 00*
plus HST
  • *minimum 2-hour blocks

Project Basis

$ 3750 00 *
plus HST
  • *monthly 25-hour blocks

About Me

I’m part philosopher, part explorer, part writer, and part reformer. Which really makes me an entrepreneurial problem solver at heart. 

What transforms apathy into agitation and converts agitation into action? How can we steadily nurture purpose behind productivity and profit? Why does chaos spark a creative vision in some and disorder and defeat in others?

These are questions I annoy my husband and dinner guests with on a Saturday evening. 

My obsession with deconstructing human motivations and behaviors (including my own), is why I became a Habit Transformation Coach. In my spare time, I educate health practitioners and individuals on insights and skills that transform habits. 

In my spare time, I am usually mountain biking, researching how the mind/body works, or hanging out with family and friends. 

I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and daughter.

Let's Talk.

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